niedziela, 29 listopada 2015

For my knitting projects

Wherever I go, if I know that I will wait a while,
I take with me my knittings - knittings in wastepaper basket.

 The bottom, with thicker edge. Just like here: >classic oval shopping basket<

A few angulars

 For my personal use.

One made to measure, for our cabinet under the TV.

Another two, for the shelfs in the kitchen.

The last - for the yarn. It will be quite big one and with cover.

Classic Oval Shopping Basket

Classic shopping basket.
 It's practical alternative to the ubiquitous plastic carrier bag.
Also protects the contents against damage.

I do not leave home without it recently and intensivly test its strength.  
 The most useful for shopping at the bakery.

color leaflets
height 27 cm
height with handle 37 cm
diameter 41/30 cm

for my yarn leftovers

 It was to be a basket for my yarn leftover,  
but as it usually is with baskets made for myself - it already has a new owner.

 color leaflets
45 cm height
35 cm diameter


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